More Slimy Noose

Did I spell "NEWS" incorrectly in the header? Hihihi, just blame it on autocorrect yeah.... There's probably a couple dozen more pages to finish, as I have illustrated a couple dozen... and the whole comic will be but a couple dozen. I kid you not, I scrap my old sketch and grab my bigger (yet older) sketch and it turns out you can do a Pocket Monster Black Nuzlocke in like three months. Crazy right? Shhaa, uhhuh. Fuck my life, I'll update in, say, tommorow-esque. Also, I deleted ALOT of pages. Just confirming that because it could be seen as an error to either fans and new comers.

Scaly Kid Updates

This comic has been up for two years now, next being the third, and though it's my first webcomic it's not my first illustration. I've made dozens of projects that have never come to see the light of day or even be on paper. This comic might never be finished or updated again but I will try to complete it. If this is the last news post I put on this website I won't say I didn't try. And as for my other projects- I will publish soon.

A Living Work in Progress

The comic's a in progress and I'm actually pretty excited. I don't even know why I'm updating in this news post, but I'll finish nuzlocke run for it's my first comic. I might update on weekends.

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